Marionette Universal Control System

Marionette is a universal control system providing ‘bolt-on’ low latency external control to a diverse range of vehicles and equipment. It has been successfully deployed on vehicles from 250kg to 30,000kg in weight, including Wheelbarrow MK7, the 8x8 ATV Hippo-X  vehicle and the British Army's FV510 Warrior AFV. Marionette can also be used as an complete electronic architecture solution and has been widely used to replace obsolete systems in legacy vehicles, bringing them back into service.


Marionette takes a modular approach to control and can interface with almost  any mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, electronic or diagnostic system. New modules can be rapidly added to integration of additional systems (e.g. cameras, weapon systems, CBRNe sensors and manipulator arms) as situations allow. This means vehicle can be rapidly re-purposed in the field, meeting the needs of users whatever the situation.

A ‘train once and deploy’ toolkit of modules, Marionette reduces the demands on engineering teams and offering a common interface to any equipped vehicle. Designed to be vehicle and equipment agnostic, the system gives control options ranging from optionally manned or teleoperation to semi or fully autonomous operation.

During the British Army's 2018 Army Warfighting Experiment, Marionette was successfully deployed on the FV510 Warrior in a project lasting less than 8 weeks and afforded full control of vehicle automotive functions and turret movement. The vehicle was operated by military personnel at ranges of up to 1 mile across a range of terrains and speeds. The deployment was non-destructive (no drilling, cutting or other changes to the vehicle architecture) and, following training, REME personnel were able to fit or entirely remove Marionette (returning the vehicle to taskworthy condition) in under 2 hours.

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