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Tag der Infanterie, 11th July 2019

Thanks to Precision Technic Defence for hosting us (via HIPPO Multipower) at Tag der Infantrie in Hammelburg, Germany last week. A great opportunity to demonstrate our Marionette control system flawlessly controlling the HIPPO-X ATSV in challenging weather conditions!


Demonstration to the Secretary of State for Defence, 24th May 2019

DCE spent a very interesting morning on Salisbury Plain with a range of other companies who are working on defence related concepts. We were demonstrating our X2 UGV to Penny Mordaunt, SoS for Defence and spent a useful few minutes discussing with the Minister how the vehicle's Marionette control system can be applied to a range of other armoured platforms including Warrior. Our thanks to the Army for inviting us.


Attendance at the Chemical Weapons Demilitarisation Conference in London, 22nd May 2019

We were pleased to attend the Chemical Weapons Demilitarisation Conference in London where our consortium briefed those attending on Project MEPHITIS, part of the DASA "Don’t Blow It!" Competition.

The MEPHITIS team aims to safely eliminate chemical weapons in challenging environments. For the project a HIPPO Multipower ATSV has been equipped with a manipulator arm and is operated under remote control by DCE's Marionette system. The remote-controlled arm drills into the chemical weapon using Valent Applications Ltd's MIDAS system. The chemical agent is then pumped into a decontamination bag where it is neutralised using FAST-ACT, marketed in the UK and Europe by Specialist Response Solutions Ltd.

The MEPHITIS system can be deployed into the area of operation by helicopter, towed behind another vehicle or drive under its own power for up to 150 km. A single system can neutralise over 48 chemical shells or up to a tonne of chemical agent while minimising the exposure of human operators.